‚ÄčCheck out the web resources below:

I.D.E.A.S.: Classroom Timer
If you need a time for state testing, timed math quizzes, etc., this is a very helpful tool

Technology in the Primary Grades
Many links for teachers and students from pre-k through grade 2

Kathy Schrock's Guide for Educators
Online tools, clipart, articles and other useful resources

Rubistar: Create Rubrics for Your Project-Based Learning Activities
Rubric Generator

GST BOCES IDEAS Team has developed this learning management system for teachers in our region to assign tests, homework, educational games and more. There is also a website for improved home-school communication.

Vocabulary Acquisition Tips
Best Evidence Encyclopedia
Great tool for educators who are looking to for help implementing evidence-based approaches in their classrooms.

CITEd Research Center
Provides technical assistance to teachers, administrators, staff development, technology coordinators and parents. Definitely worth a look!
Cite This for Me
Create a bibliography for your research paper quickly and easily

Evaluating Web Pages
Provides information about judging the credibility of online sources

Landmarks Citation Machine
Citation generator

Teaching Students Effective Internet Search Strategies
Links to and information about effective search strategies

Ask your Library Media Specialist about online databases

Absurd Math
Fun site to use to review algebra concepts (episode 1 is free)

Incompetech.com: Ugly Website, Brilliant Content
Links to various resources, such as printable graph paper and music resources

Landmarks for Schools: Raw Data
If you need raw data, this site has a variety of numerical data to use to generate reports, view patterns over time, learn mean, median, and mode, statistics equations and concepts, etc.

Money: ****US Mint Coins & Medals**** and **US Currency Timeline**

National Library of Virtual Manipulatives
Interactive math manipulatives for K-12

American Museum of Natural History: Rocks!
Compare and contrast pictures of rocks

Explore Learning
Gizmos students can use to simulate scientific processes (allows 5 minutes of free access per gizmo). Great to try and see if you'd like a subscription.

National Geographic Podcasts
Free audio and video podcasts from National Geographic on a variety of topics
NOVA: The Electric Heart
Perform virtual heart surgery and learn about the circulatory system
Social Studies

C-SPAN Classroom
For middle and high school social studies teachers - makes it easier to incorporate C-SPAN's public affairs and political programming into your curriculum; includes video clips, lesson plans, discussion questions, and other resources
Document-Based Questions
Learn how technology and Media Literacy skills can enhance your social studies curriculum (and other curricula)

Erie & Chemung Canal WebQuest
Learn about the Chemung Canal and its role in the history of the Erie Canal

History Channel: 400th Anniversary of Jamestown
Interactive website that allows users to explore the history of Jamestown, its settlers, and its historical significance

IPL: Newspapers
News sources from around the world - great for foreign language classes and current events assignments

Library of Congress
This site contains print, multimedia, historical maps, photos, documents, exhibitions, multilingual resources, and more from the Library of Congress.

National Geographic for Kids
"Games, News, Photos, Videos, & More..."

National Geographic Map Machine
An online dynamic atlas, street maps, and country profiles