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If you have a ToolboxPro account, go to and click TEACHERS LOG IN. Then enter your email address and your password to login.

ToolboxPro Version 2 Website & Resources Handouts:

New ToolboxPro v2 Editor:

Create a Customized Download Link for a Document

Edit Home Page

Edit/Add Additional Website Pages

Add Pictures to Webpages

Add a Resource Folder

Add Resources to Resource Folders

Upload Multiple Resources to a Resource Folder

Make a Compressed (Zipped) Folder to Upload & Store APPR Documentation/Evidence in Your TBP Resources

Create a Custom Website Style

Edit Website Calendar

Create a Lesson

Lesson Editor


Assign Tests

**Grade Tests**

Make a Multimedia Test

ToolboxPro Version 2 Classes Handouts:

Make a Lesson

ToolboxPro Version 1 Website Handouts:

Add Resources to ToolboxPro

- Add Multiple Resources at Once to ToolboxPro

- Make a Compressed (Zipped) File

Add a Page to Your Website and Add Hyperlinks to Other Websites

Add Anchors to Webpages - this helps visitors jump to different sections of the same webpage

Add Podcasts to ToolboxPro

Embed Picasa Web Albums into ToolboxPro

Embed Voki onto a ToolboxPro Webpage

Embed YouTube Videos

Make and Add Glitter Text to ToolboxPro Resources - helps you use a simple glitter text generator, upload it to ToolboxPro and add it to a webpage in TBP

Save Images from the Web - use the Add Resources to ToolboxPro handout to help you upload them to your site

Link Prezi's to Your ToolboxPro Site
Have you done a Prezi project and want to share it with parents? Make sure to get parent permission before posting student work online!

ToolboxPro Version 1 Classes Handouts

Checking Test Grades for Classes

Add NYS Tests
Did you know there are NYS Exams that are all ready to use in TBP? This handout helps you add them. If there is one you want to do that isn't available, let me know!

Add Shared Tests
Sometimes people share their stuff in TBP. Take advantage and then share something you make with others!

ToolboxPro 2 - Create a New Lesson

Multimedia Tests:

Set Up Student/Teacher Email in TBP


Web Graphics for Your ToolboxPro Site:

Remember to read AND follow the Terms of Use for any images you use on the web. Some artists remove their images from the web because people do not follow the simple guidelines that many of them give. Most only request a link back to their website, and make cute logo images you can use to link back to their sites.

Backgrounds - I created some backgrounds that you can use on your websites

Cute Colors

Discovery Education Clipart


Glitter Text

Google Logo Maker

Graphics Schoolhouse

Library of Congress: American Memory

Pics 4 Learning

RedKid Sign Generator

Do you have one that you use? Email and let me know!

Widgets and Gadgets to Embed

Getting Tricky with Your Wikis


GoAnimate - create an animated video about a concept and embed in your website

Google Gadgets

Mission to Learn

Newsgator Widgets

Poll Everywhere

Voki - talking avatar for your wiki

Website Goodies: Free Poll Gadget


YouTube - use this handout to help you embed YouTube videos into your ToolboxPro website