Upload and Organize Treasures & PK-6 Math Materials in SharePoint

What is SharePoint?

SharePoint is a space on the Horseheads Intranet where you can upload and share files with colleagues. The Treasures tab and the PK-6 Math tab are only available to PK-6 teachers and Special Educators in the Horseheads District.

Please make sure never to delete or overwrite someone's work. If you think you have done this, please email me (Cheryl Tice) and I will help you try to restore documents to their previous version.

Use the materials below to learn how to organize your files on the SharePoint, so you can easily locate them as you need them.

Treasures Handouts:

Treasures Tab - Actions

Treasures Tab - Adding Folders

Treasures Tab - Adding Links

Desktop Shortcut for Your Treasures Grade Level Tab

Treasures Tab - Edit Documents - be careful not to delete, rename or overwrite other people's work!

Treasures Tab - Uploading Documents and Links

Watch YouTube Safely through View Pure

PK-6 Math SharePoint Handouts


Add Folders

Add Web Links

Desktop Shortcut to Your Grade Level Tab

Edit Document Properties

Upload Documents to SharePoint

Use ViewPure to View YouTube Videos with Students

Discussions tool - use this tool to discuss strategies, etc. with one another asynchronously; click the dropdown next to NEW and click DISCUSSION

Naming Files - when you upload documents and name them, make sure you are very specific so you can find what you are looking for later. Use your initials at the end of your file names (i.e., Wolf Custom Search Engine - CT)

"Explorer View" to Organize Files (only available in Internet Explorer) - Use Explorer View to make your SharePoint folders look more like the folders in your H drive. It is easier to copy, paste, and delete documents in the folder you select.

  • Click ALL DOCUMENTS in the top right of the Treasures folder and select EXPLORER VIEW
explorer view.PNG
  • Explorer View:


Notice the names of the files - they are very descriptive!