Lesson Resources and Ideas

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Animal Collage Templates (MS Publisher) - Grades K-4


Sample Completed Project

Template 1

Template 2

Template 3

Template 4

Australian Animal Photo Resources:



Animal Infographic Projectbflysample.JPG

This MS Publisher template will help your elementary students create a great looking infographic about the animal they chose to study.


Research Guide


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**ActivInspire Flipcharts** - sample flipcharts for a variety of content K-12

(if you would like me to create a sample for you, please let me know!)

Podcast Lesson for Kids

Fake Facebook Profile - Microsoft Publisher activity where students build a fake Facebook profile

Wordle Lesson Plan Idea
You can use http://www.wordle.net to make word clouds of:
  • Character attributes for characters in a story you're reading
  • Causes or effects of an historic event
  • Descriptions of people from history
  • Vocabulary in a foreign language class, science class...
This activity takes about 15 minutes (or less depending on the speed of the typers) to do and the students enjoy it. It helps them focus on key aspects of the topic at hand while not dwelling too long on the technology!

iPIccy.com Word Cloud Lesson
Perhaps it's the end of the year and you're looking for a quick technology lesson to wrap up the year and spend time reflecting on what your students have learned this year. Or maybe you have finished a unit and want to know the keywords and phrases that students remember about what they've learned. Have them create a word cloud about it. While similar to the above idea, using iPiccy.com allows you to create word clouds with your own color scheme, font choices, and choose size and rotation of words and phrases.

Video Tutorial

Google Earth Tours

The Google Earth Tours below were created with Google Earth 5.0. Some of the embedded videos no longer work in the newest version of the program. These will be updated to work with the newest version of Google Earth as soon as possible!

Timeline: 1490-1750
Google Earth Timeline made for a middle school English teacher to help introduce the time period of the literature in the first unit of study

The Erie and Chemung Canals: Yesterday and Today (grade 4)
This is a WebQuest that I created. Students use Google Earth to explore, compare and contrast the Erie Canal and the Chemung Canal.

Tour of Mexico (grade 3 or Spanish I students)
Download the Mexico Tour

Mark Twain: American Author (K-12)
Download this Mark Twain Google Earth activity to view embedded videos and slideshows in certain place markers

Google Custom Search Tools

(grade 4 social studies)

(grades 3 - 6 social studies)

Learn about Wolves:

(grade 3 science, reading)

US Constitution Custom Search Engine - Grade 4-8 Social Studies

Greek Mythology - Grade 6 Social Studies

Holiday Activities

December Holidays:

Christmas Tangrams ActivInspire Activity - (any grade level) make a tree, reindeer, gift and Santa hat using the tangrams on each page

Winter Holiday Kidspiration Sorting Activity - (grades 2-4) sort images associated with Christmas, Kwanzaa, and Chanukah

Winter Counting Activity - (PreK - Grade 1) count the winter pictures and click the button next to the correct answer to see if you're correct - can be used on the Promethean Board or in the computer lab
Remember to press the ESC key in the top left corner of your keyboard to escape from this presentation. AND make sure your speakers are ON!

Winter Holiday: Turn Your Students into Elves :-) - directions for adding elf hats to student pictures