Technology Handouts and How To's

Below are some of the resources I use when I do Model Schools training. If you would like resources and handouts about other technologies, please let me know!

ToolboxPro Handouts

Treasures Materials and Handouts

PK-6 Math SharePoint Handouts

This SharePoint tab is a shared space and available to instructional staff for grades PK-6. Post your flipcharts, web links, documents, spreadsheets and other files here that you plan to use to teach math.

Please make sure never to delete or overwrite someone's work. If you think you have done this, please email me (Cheryl Tice) and I will help you try to restore documents to their previous version.


Add Folders

Add Web Links

Desktop Shortcut to Your Grade Level Tab

Edit Document Properties

Upload Documents to SharePoint

Use ViewPure to View YouTube Videos with Students

WEB 2.0:




Google Docs

Other Google Apps

- Prezi How-To Flipchart - walk your K-6 students through logging in to your account and using the tools

Podcasting Resources


Scripting: Scripting.pdf

Download Audio: (How to Save Sounds from

Audacity Video Tutorials
Upload a Podcast on ToolboxPro

Random How-To's:

Access Your H Drive From Home

Create Your Own Search Engine

GST MyFi - send large files

Make a Web Address Shorter (to put into a Twitter update, an email or newsletter...)

Use to Create a Word Cloud: VIDEO (~4 minutes), HANDOUT:

SafeShare.TV - creating a video link and adding it to ActivInspire flipcharts or SMART notebooks

Safari Montage Creation Station Handout for Campbell-Savona Training

SMART Senteo User Guide

PEARSON Social Studies:

Getting Started

Add Students to Class

- If students are missing from the list: Add Students to the Pearson Successnet System

Edit Student Info and Passwords

ExamView: User Guide or QuickTest

Leveled Readers

Locate SF Teacher Resources

Navigating the Online Teacher and Student Editions

Online Lesson Planner for Kids