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HMS Staff Meeting Presentation

HH ActivInspire/ToolboxPro User Group: Actions and Linking 5/7/2013

Download for Class

Actions Browser How-To

Insert Link to a File: Right click a textbox, shape, or image | select INSERT LINK TO FILE... | locate the file you want and double click it | STORE FILE IN FLIPCHART | OK

Sample Flipcharts:

Grade 6 Math: Proportions and Customary Units of Measure

Secondary ELA: Literary Devices

Vocabulary: Greek/Latin Roots - Mal/Male, Grade 6

Grade 3 Social Studies: Australia ABC

Jeopardy Template (4 Teams)

Who Wants to be a Millionaire? Template

HH ActivInspire/ToolboxPro User Group: Educational Games 4/9/2013

Visit the Educational Games page to see all of the resources gathered for this class!

HH ActivInspire/ToolboxPro User Group: Embed Multimedia 3/12/2013

Download & Embed YouTube Videos in ActivInspire (Keepvid.com):


Download & Embed YouTube Videos in ActivInspire (Keep-Tube):


Make Fun Headings for Pages:

Glitter Text
Google Logo Maker

Embed Other Things:

In ActivInspire v1.6, you can embed video and other HTML code on a flipchart page (i.e., Voki.com, Prezi, etc...). Ask to be upgraded.
To embed, you click INSERT | LINK | EMBED HTML and Paste the code into the box.

Insert a Word Cloud
Directions for Using the Snipping Tool

Embed Voki onto a ToolboxPro Webpage

Poll Everywhere

HH ActivInspire/ToolboxPro User Group: Locating Existing Resources 2/19/2013

SMART Exchange

Create a SMART Exchange Account

Convert SMART Notebooks to ActivInspire Flipcharts

Promethean Planet

Google Custom Search for Promethean Flipcharts

My Flipcharts

ToolboxPro Resources