If you are looking for tips and tricks for using ActivInspire and Interactive White Boards in your classroom, then check out the information that follows:


ActivTips - video tutorials from Promethean Planet

ActivInspire | Technology Resources - tutorials and resources

20 Easy Steps to Using ActivInspire

ActivInspire: Looping a Sound (making it play over and over)

Add Sound to Your Flipchart Pages

Container Activities - Directions

Flipchart Creation Tips (tons of handouts!)

: Do you take your laptop home with you and then when you get back to school, you don't have any resources available in your Resource Browser? It might be your settings. Use this handout to help you restore your network connections...

Download & Embed YouTube Videos in ActivInspire (Keepvid.com):

Download & Embed YouTube Videos in ActivInspire (Keep-Tube):

Make a Magic Revealer Activity

Update an Existing Container Activity in ActivInspire

ActivInspire Basics

Common Core Shifts Training

Learner Response System Handouts:

Make an Activote/ActivExpression activity from an existing document

Activotes & ActivExpressions Creating Questions

Activotes: Enable/Disable Anonymous Mode

Registering and Using ActivExpressions and Votes

ActivExpression Overview

Importing Student Database

Use ActivInspire ExpressPoll with a Website (PDF)

Use ExpressPoll with a Website (flipchart)

Sample Flipcharts:


ABCTeach Promethean Flipcharts

Sample Flipcharts

Calendar Activities - a different calendar setup from the one below with additional pages you can borrow to help you with your morning routine...

K-2 Calendar Activities with Social Studies Container Activity - assorted calendar activities, ending with a quick social studies container activity where students label our nation, state, and country (older version)

$100,000 Pyramid Game Template - play this game with one student facing away from the board, while another student gives clues to help them come up with each topic (located on Promethean Planet - author: Brent Benware)

Bazinga (can be used for any content area review) [original source]

Concentration Game Template - play a memory game with this flipchart: click 2 shapes to see if you make a match and if not, click the words to hide them again and let someone else take a turn

NEW JEOPARDY TEMPLATE: the game board works much better than the 2 templates below. Trust me! You'll like this one!

Jeopardy Template (2 Teams) or Jeopardy Template (4 Teams) - It's all set up for you, you just have to add your categories and questions. All of the links work already! :-)

Wheel of Fortune (up to 4 teams) - you just need to set up each puzzle page - directions are included on page 1 of the flipchart

Who Wants to be a Millionaire? Template - template source

Media Literacy - variety of activities to help students learn media literacy skills using print advertisements and video commercials

Musical Notation

Determining if Online Sources are Credible - web portal to help students learn to determine the credibility of online sources

Web Safety Interactive Presentation - overview of web safety skills for grades 4-6

Kelley Batowny's Flipcharts and Directions for Using ActivStudio and ActivInspire

Winter Holiday: Turn Your Students into Elves :-) - directions for adding elf hats to student pictures


Random Number Generator

PK-1 Counting 1 to 10 - practice counting one to 10, making up + and - equations using a number line, recognizing numbers....

PK-1 Ten Frame Activities - interactive flipchart with 10 frame activities

PK-1 Five Frame Activities - interactive flipchart with 5 frame activities

Kindergarten Math Facts - ActivExpressions activity

K-1 Tally Sheet -

K-1 Tens and Ones - use the Fill tool to fill in the circles while counting each one; then use the Pen tool to write how many tens and ones are in each number.

K-1 - Number Practice - 100's charts (hide numbers, count by 2, 5, 10, odd/even), tiles that change color (red/yellow), unifix cubes, link to an online number line game

K-1 Ways to Make 8 - use the beads to find 9 ways to make 8

K-2 Number Before and After - this flipchart was created to help students determine the number before and after a given number; other uses - number identification, addition, subtraction, multiplication, etc... (K-2, and Special Education)

K-2 Apples - are you doing some apple activities with your students to celebrate Johnny Appleseed or Apple Day? Skills: Estimate, Add, Subtract, Predict, Compare/Contrast

K-3 Place Value - practice expanded notation or just building numbers with the thousands, hundreds, tens and ones place

PK-1 Number Tracing - practice tracing and writing numbers

PK-2 100's Chart - - learn about even and odd numbers, practice counting by 2's, 5's, 10's, etc...

Grade 1 Math Assessment - I took the assessment questions grade 1 uses with their students and I made different activities to help students practice identifying and counting money, making tallies, identifying 2D and 3D shapes, and measurement. These activities could be adapted for grades K-2.

Grade 1 Math 4th Quarter Assessment Review

Grade 2 Math: Addition Practice - ActivExpression activity with sums under 18

Grade 2 Math: Math Stories - a flipchart to help students understand how to write math stories that compare. Here is a Publisher template kids can use to write and illustrate their story problems

Grade 2 Math: Money - flipchart that addresses Math, Language Arts and Social Studies standards - teacher uses media literacy questioning strategy to talk about how money can inform people about a country's history, values, etc. Students identify US coins and their values; count coins, make change, and do an activote activity.

Grade 2 Math: Telling Time - practice telling time with the interactive clock and then do the activote activity

Grade 2 Math: Time - interactive analog clocks to practice telling time

Grade 2 - 4 Math: Probability - define probability; use dice, spinners, interactive games and a brief video of The Price is Right's '3 Strikes' game to learn probability.

Grades 2 - 6: Basic Multiplication Facts Practice - use ActivExpressions to have students practice their basic multiplication facts

Grades 2 - 6: Basic Addition Facts Practice - use ActivExpressions to have students practice basic addition facts

Grade 3 Math: Fractions - lesson, games, and activities to help teach fractions to 3rd graders

Grade 3 Math: Multiply a 2-Digit Number by a 1-Digit Number: flipchart 1 flipchart 2

Grade 3-4 Fractions Practice Flipchart - do activities as a class or use some of them in centers, small groups...

Grade 3 Math: Reading a Ruler

Grade 3 Math: Perimeter and Area

Grade 3 Math: Baseball Multiplication Game - use the ActivInspire dice roller to play this game - the directions are in the Notes Browser (based on an Everyday Math activity page)

Grade 3 Math: Fact Families (Multiplication & Division) - use this to introduce the concept of multiplying and dividing using arrays and fact families.

Grade 3-4 Math: Lines, Rays, Line Segments, Endpoints - a math story about The Sad Line (yes, I am the warped individual who came up with the story...)

Grade 4 Math: Measuring Angles - practice measuring angles using the protractor tool on this flipchart

Grade 4 Math: Long Division: divide, multiply, subtract, bring down, repeat! practice long division and learn the vocabulary associated with this concept.

Grade 4 Math: Fractions : fractions activities

Grade 4 Math: Geometry: 2D shapes, quadrilaterals, triangles, games... it's a geometry palooza

Grade 4 Math: Mixed Numbers & Improper Fractions

Grade 4 Math: Test Prep - help students work on problem solving skills

Grade 5 Math: Algebra - container activities, activote questions, practicing algebra concepts

Grade 5 Math: 2009 NYS Test - activote review lesson for this state test

Grade 5 Math: Practice NYS Test (PPT or Video) - sample questions from different NYS Tests explained step-by-step

Grade 5 Math: Place Value

Grade 5 Math: Place Value, Decimals, Powers of 10... - Where do I begin? This flipchart covers Place Value, Powers of 10, Adding and Subtracting Decimals, Expanded Notation of whole numbers & decimals, Comparing Numbers, Multiplication of Decimals by a Single Digit Number......... So much jammed into one flipchart. This one will take a while to go through. Meant for grade 5 Common Core Standards, but great review for grades 6-8!

Grade 5 / 6 Math: Order of Operations: activities to help students understand the order of operations - "PEMDAS"

Grade 6: Decimals : Adding, Subtracting, Multiplying, Dividing and Comparing Decimals...

Grade 6: GCF and LCM - help students learn or review concepts of GCF and LCM and related vocabulary and skills

Grade 6 Math Review Topics (2013) - videos, practice problems, games to review concepts of place value, expanded notation, fractions, mixed numbers...

Grade 6 Math: Practice NYS Test (PPT or Video) - sample questions from different NYS Tests explained step-by-step

Grade 6 Math: 2006 NYS Test - activote review lesson for state test

Grade 6 Math: Proportions and Customary Units of Measure - activities that help reinforce converting customary measurements

Grade 6 Math: Ratios & Proportions (2013) - common core aligned flipchart with examples of the new NYS exam questions

Grade 6 Math: Estimating Sums and Differences - magic revealer activity that students can work through together using the pen tool to work out each estimation problem (or do mental math to solve) and then check the answer by passing the magic revealer over the page to show the answer to each problem

Middle School Algebra - vocabulary and practice changing word problems into algebraic expressions

Language Arts:

4 Square Paragraphs - this flipchart helps walk students (grades 3-4) through developing a paragraph. Use the Page Browser to see how to use each page. It includes a brief Activote quiz near the end to quickly check understanding of topic sentence, detail sentences, conclusion sentence and connecting words.

Cause & Effect - activities found on Pinterest and flipcharts from Promethean Planet and SMART Exchange adapted to help teach the concept of cause & effect

Cinderella - learn about the elements of a story and compare and contrast several Cinderella stories from around the world

Diary of a Worm - activities about worms and a link to TumbleBooks where you can read Diary of a Worm

Fairy Tale Jeopardy - game with questions about fairy tales (K-2 version)

Friendly Letter Activity - container activity and free-sort parts of a friendly letter (adapted from a flipchart I downloaded from Promethean Planet)

Letter Tiles - not a flipchart, but pictures of letter tiles for primary teachers to use for word building activities. Download and extract the letter tiles folder and save that folder in you MY IMAGES folder.

Grade 1 Word Wall - first grade sight words with audio and activities to help students learn their sight words

PK-1 Sight Words Activote/ActivExpression Activity

Grade 2 Spelling Unit 7 Activities - this flipchart is a sample of some generic activities that can be done with spelling words. You can use this flipchart as a template for your spelling lists.

Grade 2 Spelling Unit 10 Activities - updated from previous flipchart with additional activities and new list of words

Grade 2 Spelling Unit 11 Activities - I made an activity to help students recognize the words that make up each of the compound words in the unit

Grades 3-6: Locate Credible Online Resources

Grade 4: Poetry

Non-fiction Features - requested by a Grade 1 teacher, but can be adapted for older grades, this flipchart highlights the features of expository text with activities and activote questions

Quotation Marks (Grade 2 - 4) - learn where to put those quotation marks with the help of some of your favorite Sunday comics friends; includes an activote activity

Short Vowel Sounds - adapted from Katie King's featured lesson on Promethean Planet; the flipchart includes a variety of activities to help students review what they know about short vowel sounds

Spot and Dot Syllabication Activity - work with students on how to identify syllables in words using the highlighter, pen, and fill tools

Story Map Graphic Organizer - a flipchart with a click-able story map graphic organizer (from the Treasures series used in HH) that you can use on the Promethean Board (Grades 2-6)

Trace Manuscript Letters - PK-1 - use the pen tool in ActivInspire to trace the letters of the alphabet and practice writing them

Vocabulary: Greek/Latin Roots - Ben/Bene, Grade 6 - activote activity

Vocabulary: Greek/Latin Roots - Mal/Male, Grade 6 - game for 4 teams

Grade 6 ELA: 2008 NYS Test - activote review activity

Grade 6 ELA: Writing a Research Paper - walks through the parts of a research paper and how to write it

Secondary ELA: Literary Devices - setting, archetype, tone, theme... ActivExpression activity and interactive pages

Secondary ELA: Combining Sentences - students learn about subject and predicate, and how to combine sentences (compound subject/predicate)


Kindergarten Science: Living/Non-Living - games, videos, and information about living and non-living things

Grade 1 Science: Hibernation - BrainPOP, Jr. video about hibernation with online activities linked to a page in this flipchart (use the ExpressPoll button to take the quiz on the BrainPOP site. Then use the rest of the pages to practice vocabulary and learn about some animals that hibernate.

Grade 1 Science: Sun and Sky - flipchart about the sun, solar system and sky

Grade 1 Science: Life at the Pond - students learn about pond life and the life cycle of the frog with interactive websites, container activities, and multimedia resources

Grades K-2 Science: Make a How To Booklet about making your own windsock (also learn a little about why windsocks can be helpful)

Grades K-2 Science: Plant Parts - activities, videos, and images that will help students learn about the parts of a plant

Grade 2 : Magnetism - activities to help students learn about magnetism

Grade 2 : Temperature - keep track of a daily bar graph of the range of temperature each day; and practice reading a thermometer

Grade 4 Science Vocabulary Activote Activity: Ecosystems - activote activity for science vocabulary terms associated with ecosystems or you can play a Memory Game with vocab from Unit A, Lesson 4 and 5

Grade 4, Chapter 3, Lesson 5: Development & Reproduction - flipchart activity that includes links to interactive websites, video clips and a Hot Seat game for vocabulary from this lesson

Grade 4, Chapter 3, Lesson 6: Animal Survival - flipchart with embedded .swf activities and activote questions about vocabulary from this lesson

Grade 4, Chapter 5 Review Questions: Earth Science - flipchart with questions from the end of the chapter review

Grade 4, Ch. 13, Lessons 6-8 Review: Electricity & Magnetism - flipchart with activote activity

Grade 4, Parts of a Flower - flipchart with container activity and "hot seat" vocabulary game

Intermediate Science: Phases of the Moon (FLIPCHART) - videos about the moon, phases of the moon container activity, a vocabulary activity (PDF)

Thermometer - this flipchart page has a thermometer you can use with students. Click and drag the "mercury" in the thermometer up and down and practice reading the temperature. A copy of this thermometer can be found in this flipchart: Grade 2 : Temperature

Social Studies:

K-5 Presidents' Day Flipchart - this flipchart could be adapted to meet the needs of K-5 students. Feel free to change it, delete pages, add information, etc. Please note the additional information in the Page Notes on each page for questions to ask your students.

Grades 3-6 Continents and Oceans Flipchart - this flipchart can be adapted for students grades 3-6 to help them learn the continents and oceans

Grade 4 Social Studies: Chapter 1 Vocabulary (Scott Foresman) - container activities to help kids practice NYS landforms and place names

Grade 4 Social Studies: European Explorers - use Google Earth to enhance this flipchart by plotting the birthplaces, sponsor countries and discoveries of each of the explorers featured in this flipchart. Directions for making placemarkers in Google Earth and sample culminating technology activities can be found on the last 2 pages of this flipchart.

Grade 4 Social Studies: American Revolution Research Project - : use this flipchart to help students prepare for a research project (check out the Notes Browser for a summary of each page). Use the **Google Custom Search Tool** to do the research

Grade 3 Social Studies: Mexico Flipchart - container activities and other fun stuff to help students learn about Mexico - thanks to Teena Moritz (RR) for helping me update and adapt it!

Grade 3 Social Studies: Australia Jeopardy! - I created this flipchart with questions given to me by Maria Pearte (GR)

Grade 3 Social Studies: Australia ABC - audio, video, images, and information about Australia

Grade 3 Social Studies: China - Learn about different aspects of China, Chinese language, and traditions (**flipchart 1**); read the book In the Snow by Huy Voun Lee and learn to write Chinese Characters (**flipchart 2**)

Grade 3 Social Studies: China ABC - learn about China, its culture, language, tourist attractions, and other important facts with this flipchart


Digital Tattoo Flipchart - teach students about digital citizenship with this flipchart

Sample Flipchart Pages

You can deconstruct the following flipchart pages and learn how to make your own, or just use them as is!

Build a Word - use the Drag a Copy feature to drag letters into the box to spell a word. Great for spelling lessons or reviewing vocabulary

Coins: Making Change - another Drag a Copy activity where you can drag coins to make change. This could be an entire lesson in itself.

Corkboard Background - use this background for a little different way to post information on your flipchart pages.

Count Coins - I love the Drag a Copy because it is so versatile! Write an amount on the line with the Pen tool and have the students try to make the amount in 2 ways. To make it more challenging, have them use a certain number of coins.

Crossword Puzzle - sample grade 1 activity for insect vocabulary words with a Magic Revealer made with Magic Ink and the Shape tool. Use the pen tool to write the answer for each crossword clue and use the revealer to check or give clues.

Flower Parts - Container activity

Hot Seat - make 2 teams; call 1 student from each team up & face them away from the board toward the class; pull a vocabulary word down; each team gives clues to try to make the players say the word you reveal

Insects: Cover Page - use images and color to make your pages fun to look at! Clipart from MS Word or the web can really improve the look of your flipchart.

KWL - use the Shape tool to make the boxes. You can make 1 box and then copy and paste them so they are the same size. Use the Fill tool to change the color of each box. You can layer text by using the Text tool, typing text, then copy/paste it. If you use the Select tool to click on text, then click a color square on the Main Toolbox, you can quickly change the color of it. Then layer it so it looks shadowed :-)

Lined Paper - if you want to practice handwriting with older students, you might like this one.

Magic Revealers - sometimes it's more fun to have a pretty magic revealer instead of just a rectangle or square revealer, so I made some for you. Set up your magic revealer activity first and make sure the objects are in the proper layer in your flipchart. Then copy/paste one of the revealers from this flipchart onto your activity.

New York State Places - this is a container activity. I used clipart of NYS from MS Word. I temporarily brought in a map of NYS with landforms, made it semi-transparent and used the Pen tool to draw the landforms and waterways on the clipart. Then I deleted the map. I used the Shape tool to draw the circles and the Property Browser to make my containers...

Pond - container activity - I used the Pen tool to draw the pond, the Shape tool to make the containers, and copy/pasted pictures from the web to put into the containers.

Primary Lined Paper Background - made with the Shape tool (horizontal line)

Spelling Tic-Tac-Toe - this is a game that you can play with 2 groups of students. Say a word to spell and a student spells it. If correct their team gets an X (or O). If incorrect the other team gets to steal. You can adapt this for any 2 team game.

Venn Diagram - I used the Shape tool to create the diagram and the Property Browser to make the Container activity

Did You Know??

ActivInspire automatically chooses the Pen tool as your default tool when you open the program. To change that, click FILE | SETTINGS | select TOOLS on the left side of the window and change the default tool from PEN to SELECT

Magic Ink is a new tool in ActivInspire, but it works like the ActivStudio Eraser Tool. To add the Magic Ink tool, click the EDIT USER DEFINED BUTTONS tool on the Main Toolbox | click the COMMANDS tab | select the MAGIC INK tool and click ADD

CTRL+B in ActivInspire will toggle the Browser window on and off

ActivInspire Dashboard

F11 key will bring up the Dashboard. If you do NOT want the Dashboard to appear each time you open ActivInspire, deselect the checkbox on the Dashboard that says SHOW THE DASHBOARD WINDOW ON STARTUP

Want to switch back and forth in ActivInspire from Studio to Primary View? Press F11 to show the Dashboard. Click the CONFIGURE tab and select the checkbox on the bottom right of the Configure dialog box that says, "Launch next time using Primary (Studio) look and feel."

In ACTIVInspire Primary, you can minimize the Page Browser and Resource Browser by clicking Pen tool | Select tool.

When using Captions on objects (this feature is in your Property Browser), make sure to type a space after the last word in your caption so all of it will show.